Acute Technology Corporation

ATC is a full service software development firm focused on custom IoT and business solutions based on Microsoft Azure and web technologies.

About ATC

For over 15 years ATC has designed and developed quality Microsoft and web software solutions for small and enterprise clients within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), servicing industries including manufacturing, non-profit, finance, foodservice, and telecommunications organizations.

ATC handles all aspects of software development from start to finish. From analyzing and conceptualizing business requirements to successfully building and implementing quality enterprise class solutions using agile and cost effective methodologies.

Azure IoT

ATC’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions empower and digitally transform IoT devices and telemetry data into valuable insight utilizing Azure IoT, advanced analytics, and machine learning.


ATC provides systems integration services that maximize the use of cloud, server, and mobile technologies to fulfill business objectives.

Web Development

ATC handles the entire stack of web development. From UX design to building the back and front ends with appropriate frameworks.


ATC views clients as partners and is dedicated to providing successful solutions.

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